Our Team

The Alliance Française is the official center of French Language and Culture in Silicon Valley whose mission is to promote and enhance the knowledge and appreciation of French and Francophone culture, to increase the knowledge of the French language, and to encourage interaction among French, Francophone and American people through programs in education and the arts.

The Alliance Française Silicon Valley adheres to a non-discriminatory policy for all students and members. All Donations are Tax-Deductible (501(C) 3 .


Upi Struzak – President

Michele Olston – Treasurer

Jean-Pierre Bernard – Cultural Programs, Board Developement

Patrick Consorti – Development, Fundraising

Douglas Hull – Marketing, Fundraising

Helene Laroche Davis – School Advisor

Anaïs Saint-Jude – Corporate Outreach, Cultural Programs

Bernadette Theisen – Book Club & Literature


Marie Mathevon – School Director at Menlo Park Center & Director of Registration

Marie-Claude Garrity – School Director at Campbell Center

Action Committees

Sylvie Legon – Bulletin Editor

Glenn Merys – Café Conversation

Upi Struzak – Website & Communications

Stella Tan – Luncheons

Marie Mathevon – Scholarship

Bernadette Theisen – Book Club in Los Gatos

Jane Murdoch and Marie Friess – Book Club in Menlo Park

Gwladys Louis-Marie – Campbell library