Storytime in French

591 W. Hamilton Ave, suite 101, room #9 at AFSCV Campbell library.

Tots and preschoolers enjoy simple books, rhyming games and songs that build the foundations for literacy. We will learn together, practicing the skills needed for reading readiness!

Storytime Hoursstorytime-2

To be announced.

Registration is required so that we can plan and it’s free activity.

Questions? Send an email to

Storytime rules

  • Introduction

Children’s Storytime in French at AFSCV Campbell library is an activity supported by the Alliance Française Silicon Valley (AFSCV) and subscribes to the mission of the association, which aims to contribute to the promotion of the French language and culture.storytime

  • General provisions

Storytime is for children ages 12 months-6 years.

Any child who wishes to attend Storytime must be registered and have a seat reservation.

Each child must be with his/her caregiver during Storytime, and stands under his/her caregiver’s responsibility. AFSCV is never responsible for the child.

Caregivers do not need a separate registration and a seat reservation.

  • Registration conditions

To register to the AFSCV children’s Storytime, the child’s family must register: first, create an account here, then register for Storytime under the rubric “social events”. Registration is free. If you decided you need to cancel, please let us know, so that we can free your spot.

If you have a question, please send an email to

To become a member of the Alliance Française Silicon Valley or to renew your membership, click here.

  • Storytime guidelines

No food and drink are allowed in the library during Storytime.

If a child begins to cry, caregiver takes him or her out of the room briefly. It’s okay to leave early for any reason.

If a child is late, and the door is close, wait after the end of the current story or song before entering.

If the child is sick, please stay home!

No stroller is allowed inside the building.

Adult conversations & electronic devices must be turned-off.

Chairs are reserved for people with special needs. Children and children’s caregivers sit on the floor.