Corporate Lessons

With 274 million French speakers worldwide

and an expected 750 million by 2050, French will undoubtedly be one of the languages of the future and play an even more predominant role in the business world.

Make the most of the booming Francophone market by choosing our services.

Whether you want to enhance your business, expand to French speaking markets, or just prepare for business trips to a francophone country, the Alliance Française Silicon Valley will teach you not only the language, but also cultural and business etiquette to ensure your success.


With 1,000 chapters in 136 countries serving 500,000 students each year, the Alliance Française network has gained a leading reputation globally and is the right choice for your company.

All year long, we offer various corporate classes and programs for your executives and employees and tailor them to fit your needs and company goals at a competitive price.


We adapt to different levels and provide a thorough immersion into the Francophone world thanks to a dedicated and talented team of native French teachers.
We are flexible and adapt the classes to your schedule and location. You can opt for either center you prefer (Menlo Park, Campbell or Santa Cruz) but if you would like more personal training, we can also hold a class at your office.

Please, feel free to contact the School Director for a customized quote or to learn more about our corporate programs.