French Language Workshops

Learning French is a voyage around the basics of language but also skills that you can develop with Alliance française: speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar clinic, medias, conversation, exam preparation, etc. Please check our list of French workshops.

Focus on Speaking

Skills & Strategies

Converse in French A1+
For Advanced beginner
Develop your conversational skills and strategies to face daily situations.

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Focus on Speaking

Express yourself

After 30 minutes of grammar review, each participant will have the opportunity to present a subject of his/her choice and have the opportunity to express themselves and to be listened in French.

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Focus on Speaking

Current Affairs

Through a wide variety of articles from podcasts & newspapers, exchange, and debate on current events. 

Focus on Pronunciation

A1 and up
Go through the basics of French language « prosody » (patterns of rhythm, stress, and intonation) to the rules of « enchainements » and « liaison » and the articulation of specific sounds of French. 

Focus on Art

B2 and up
This french workshop takes students into modern and active art themes around Francophones and world cultures. Expand your knowledge of the arts with a Franc perspective.

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Focus on Cinema & Culture

B2 and up
Discover French cinema while developing oral skills. Through activities based on excerpts from French films, novels, and poems,  join us to discuss and develop a critical reflection on an art and its relevance to our time and societies.

Focus on Grammar

Master grammar points previously studied. Benefit from detailed explanations and revisions of grammar rules for a better comprehension and oral production. 

Focus on Music

This online class will help you learn French in a fun atmosphere through French songs. We will use lyrics to learn basis of French language, improve your vocabulary, understand idioms, and work on pronunciation. Each class will start by listening to a song and singing together is optional, but possible!

Focus on Travel

French for Travelers!

If you are planning your first trip to France or a Francophone country, this french workshop is will address your concerns before traveling. Any cross-cultural questions will be discussed to help you be comfortable in the places you will visit.

Focus on Travel

French Polynesia

For anyone interested in travelling to The French Polynesia, this french workshop will introduce you to Tahiti and French-speaking Pacific.

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