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Adult French Classes Near Me

Master French with our complete curriculum, the pleasure of learning French included!

Best French classes near you

Our courses are designed to suit your needs for every day use or students enhancement. Our qualified and expert French teachers are dedicated to making you interact, communicate and work in groups during class, We will cover you all the way from complete beginner to fully proficient. 

Our Adult French classes are offered with flexible schedules Los Gatos and online.

Thinking about your kids this summer? Check our bilingual french summer camps for this summer! We offer 3 themed French immersion summer camps of cultural and linguistic immersion in a fun, educational and age-appropriate environment . Children discover the pleasure of speaking, understanding, writing, and reading a new language.

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French culture and lessons
French classes at the AFSCV near me

Your French Language Level



0 to 60 hours
French lessons for
complete beginners and faux debutants.
Discover the fundamentals of French language.



60 to 120 hours
The second step to Beginner A1.
Use everyday expressions and basic phrases.
Interact in simple ways.  


Intermediate 1

120 to 200 hours
Increase your confidence.
Learn how to communicate in French and exchange on familiar subjects.


Intermediate 2

200 to 300 hours
Solidify the student's abilities as an independent speaker.
Can take part in a routine conversation on simple, predictable topics.
Develop the use of grammar.



A B1 French level consists of 300 to 450 hours
Interact with ease on familiar topics.
Can deal with most life situations.
Produce simple essays.



450 to 630 hours
Communicate with spontaneity and converse with ease.
Produce detailed essays on a wide range of subjects.

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A C1 French level consists of 630 to 800 hours
Speak with fluency in all situations personal or professional.

Learning French as an adult

Alliance Française Silicon Valley offers French lessons near you, all year long for all ages and all levels. If you always wanted to learn French or improve your skills, this is the right place for you!

We have a team of talented and dedicated native French instructors, as well as two locations to better serve the South Peninsula area. Come meet us at our Los Gatos Center. Also, now we offer online French classes so you can learn French wherever you are.

It's never too late to start learning a new language and loving a new culture. Our adult French classes will bring you not only a new set of tools for your professional field, but a new way to see the world. 

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General French classes

Our wide curriculum will take you
from complete beginner to efficient user.

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Language workshops

Strengthen your French by focusing on specific skills and topics.
Have a look at our  workshops on literature, history, sociology, as well as art, pronunciation and grammar.


Preparing for french class

Private French classes

Learn French at your own pace with our tailor made courses with professional French tutors.

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Preparing for french class

Find your French level

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages serves as the framework for all of our classes (CEF). Find out what level you are at!

Find your level

    Are you looking for French classes near you? You can also try the following recommendations:

    • Check with local French cultural organizations or Alliance Francaise to see if they offer French classes. (Spoiler alert, we do!)
    • Check with local colleges and universities. Many of them offer French language classes for both students and members of the community.
    • Look for language schools or the Alliance Française in your area. They may offer group or private French classes.
    • Look for adult education programs at your local community center or recreation center.
    • Try online French classes which you can take from the comfort of your own home. (Second spoiler alert, we also offer online French classes!)
    • Check out online language learning platforms like Duolingo, Babbel, Rosetta Stone, or FrenchPod101 which have different levels of classes , and they are accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

    Learning French as an adult, regardless of your age, offers numerous benefits. First and foremost, it enhances cognitive abilities, promoting better problem-solving skills, multitasking, and memory retention. Secondly, it opens doors to a rich cultural world, granting access to French literature, art, cinema, and cuisine. This can foster a deeper appreciation for diverse global perspectives.

    Furthermore, French is a widely spoken language, increasing your employability and business opportunities, while also facilitating travel and making connections with French speakers. Lastly, mastering a new language at any age boosts self-confidence and personal growth, demonstrating that it's never too late to embark on a fulfilling and enriching linguistic journey!

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