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Delf Dalf  Delf - Dalf exam

Delf dalf exam preparation

The French Ministry of Education awards the official diplomas DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) and the DALF (Diplôme Approfondi en Langue Française). These diplomas certify proficiency in French for any foreing candidate. It's important to remember that a DELF B2 is required for most French universities upon admission.

DELF DALF Description & structure

The DELF and DALF structure comprehends 3 levels:

DELF Prim: Official certification on French levels A1.1, A1 and A2, for children from 7 to 11 years old.

DELF Junior: Official certification from ages to 12 to 18 years old, it's basically the first 4 levels of the DELF DALF structure.

DELF DALF: 6 certificates according to the French level you want to test. There's the DELF A1, A2, B1 and B2. And for the DALF, the levels C1 and C2. These diplomas are valid for life.

DELF DALF Structure


Generally, DELF DALF prices go from $135 to $190 depending on the Alliance Française center you are taking the test. Registration fees are around $15.

Alliance Française Silicon Valley is not an exam center, nevertheless, we can prepare you to take the test.

Next session & registration dates


June session: Jun 12–16, 2023 - You can register until May 7, 2023

December session: Dec 11–15, 2023 - You can register until November 3, 2023



Results are emailed to you about one month after sitting the test. After this, you will then receive emails advising you when your certificate and diploma have arrived - certificates require a few weeks after test results and diplomas require a few months.

Results assigned by national juries are final. If you failed the exam, you may apply to have a look at your exam paper within two weeks of your results being emailed to you.

Note that DELF Prim examiners and markers are all trained and authorized by the CIEP. They follow strict assessment guidelines and are regularly monitored.

How to register

In North California, the Alliance Françaice San Francisco are authorized DELF DALF testing centers. The links previously described will take you right to the registration pages.

For the TCF (Test de connaissance du français) and TEF (Test d’Evaluation de Français), You have to register at Alliance Française San Francisco. (TEF and TCF exams are conducted to check the French proficiency of students applying to Canadian universities).

How to prepare

  1. Sample papers: sample papers are provided for each level on the CIEP website. Please click here to access sample papers.
  2. Private tuition: personalised training and flexible scheduling, private tuition is a great way to get ready before your exam. Visit our website for more details or contact us at info@afscv.org
  3. Resources:

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