Terms And Conditions


  • Alliance Française of Silicon Valley (AFSCV) membership is required to be able to enroll in and attend classes. 
  • Payment of membership, enrollment fee (tuition), materials and textbooks is due on or before the first day of class. If a student wants to try a group class, he/she must pay the fee before class starts.


  • AFSCV’s right to cancel:
    • If we must cancel a class because of insufficient enrollment, we will contact you about registering in another course. We will give you a full refund if you can not select an alternative.
    • If there are less than four students enrolled in a group class by the end of the second week, AFSCV has the right to cancel the class. Students may then be enrolled in another class or tuition will be refunded prorated.
    • Membership is an annual fee and is not refundable.
  • Cancellation after enrollment:
    • If registration is cancelled before class starts, the whole tuition is refunded.
    • If a student cancels his/her registration during the first week of class (day of the first class + 6 days), tuition will be refunded minus the fee for trying a class ($30).
    • If a student cancels his/her registration during the second week of class (day of the second class + 6 days), tuition will be refunded minus the fee for trying two classes ($60).
    • No refunds will be issued if you decide to drop the class after the second week of the session.
    • If the textbooks were bought at the school, they can be returned if the student didn’t damage them. No refund can be made or credit given after the second week of class.
    • Membership is not refundable. Tuition is not transferable to another student.
    • Refunds will be paid or credited within 45 days. Credits are valid for one year.
  • Partial attendance:
    • If a student plans to miss three or more consecutive weeks, he/she can register for a partial class. The tuition will be adjusted pro-rata of the attended classes. However, two classes will be removed of the total number of classes in the session before the adjustment.  
  • Class transfers:
    • A student can transfer to another class subject to teacher and School Director approval.
    • Transferring during a session is only possible within the same Center. If textbooks were bought from AFSCV, they can be returned if not damaged.
  • Specific rules for Private Lessons:
    • Lessons are scheduled based on availability of both student and teacher. Six-hour packages must be scheduled within six months of purchase. Hours not scheduled within six-months are lost. Private lessons are not refundable.
    • Up to forty-eight hours before the first private lesson, a student can cancel his/her registration without being charged. Membership is not refundable.
    • Up to twenty-four hours before a lesson, a student can reschedule without being charged.

Ticket sales 

  • Event ticket sales are final and non-refundable.