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Le parfum dans le cadre de la Provence, l’essence parfumée dans l’Art

$15.00 USD


Paul Shore, the author of the best-seller travel memoir "Uncorked - My year in Provence studying Pétanque, discovering Chagall, drinking Pastis, and mangling French” will be joining us for an interactive reading event in which he will amuse and touch us with heartfelt stories from Provence. In addition to the information on Amazon, you can read more about Uncorked on Paul’s website at

Bio…Paul Shore is a technology industry veteran and author, who has worked around the globe. He drove Broadcom’s VoIP semiconductor business for many years; spent a few inspiring years involved with the 2010 Olympic Games; and lived and worked in high tech in the south of France. Paul regularly dedicates energy to volunteerism, while living in British Columbia exploring the mountains and coast with his children.

In English
Free event