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Best games to learn French

Learning any language has a fun side attached to it. One of the easiest ways to learn a language is through games since its factor of repetition and system of rewards will help you to memorize vocabulary, verbs, and more, while keeping you motivated.

We have gathered some fun games to learn French, thanks to TV5 monde:

Jouer avec Le Français - TV5 monde

Games to learn French

This website of the worldwide television station TV5 Monde provides students and instructors with a wealth of tools for learning French. You may discover exercises, games, courses, movies, and audio on various current themes, and you can tailor them to your language level. It offers a game section: “Jouer avec Le Français” where you may have fun learning new vocabulary, practicing verb conjugation, and learning about the history of Francophonie, among other things. You can find a variety of games on this site and select the one that best matches your interests.

Videz votre sac: Compose as many 4-letter common nouns as possible from a given two-letter root.

You are given four sets of four-letter words that are missing the last two letters. You have to form as many French words as possible in 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Ecrire dans les étoiles: Place the correct words on the edges of the star. 9 words are offered to you, you can only place 6. It’s like a celestial-themed French crossword.

Zigmo: You can play this game alone or in multiplayer mode. Before taking on other Internet users in a frenzied multiplayer game, practice in single-player mode. The letters must contact horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to form words. May the best come out on top!

Kids playing educative games in french

You have 3 minutes to come up with as many words as possible using the grid provided. The more words you have, the more points you get. You can examine the explanations of the terms in the grid at the conclusion of each game played to improve your understanding of the French language while having fun.

Déchiffrement: Discover the mysteries of ancient writing and the mystery of encrypted correspondence.

Decipher a quotation by a well-known figure in French history, whose letters have been substituted by symbols or other letters. To make the practice easier, each letter is always substituted with the same letter or symbol. You will be given several hints to assist you in finding the concealed phrase.

Tiroirs secrets: Sort words into categories and put them in drawers (animal, job, etc.).

The captured word is discarded and vanishes if it is not placed in the right drawer. The drawer category will be indicated or hidden, depending on your choice of version. In the latter, you'll have to figure out the computer's categorization mode based on the acceptances and rejections.

French words in games

Mots coupés: The goal of this activity is to reassemble words as rapidly as possible by reassembling syllables that have been combined in a table. The words are two or three syllables long and derive from the same topic.

Lettris: With the Tetris of the letters, create a maximum of four-letter words.

The "left arrow," "right arrow," and "down arrow" keys can be used to move the letters of the alphabet as they descend from the top of the screen. Each constructed word is worth a certain number of points. Compare your results to those of other people on the internet!

All of these games will ask you for your age and formation level, so you’ll get a proper difficulty level.

Hope you enjoy these fun games and the best of them while learning French and complementing your formation with us. À bientôt!

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