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The Hermione Frigate of Freedom 

The Hermione Frigate of Freedom, otherwise known as "L'Hermione," is a spectacular ship built in Rochefort, France. It is a replica of a wooden frigate that was originally built in 1779. The ship is considered to be an iconic symbol of French excellence, showcasing the impressive know-how and craftsmanship of the French shipbuilding industry. 

The history

The history of L'Hermione starts in 1778 when the Marquis de Lafayette asked for assistance from the French government to help the American colonies during the American Revolutionary War. The French king agreed to help and commissioned the construction of a ship – a frigate – that could aid the American colonies in their revolutionary efforts. The construction of the original Hermione frigate was completed in 1779, and Lafayette embarked on the ship to join the American fight for independence against the British. 

Now, almost two and a half centuries later, the Hermione Frigate of Freedom has been recreated to commemorate the original ship and highlight the naval excellence of the French. The reconstruction of the ship took almost twenty years, with the process beginning in 1997 and finally being completed in 2015. The ship serves as a vital symbol of human and associative adventure, showcasing the incredible passion and dedication of those who worked tirelessly to build her. 

The Hermione Frigate of Freedom's journey has taken her across the Atlantic Ocean, from North America to Europe and the Mediterranean. In 2015, L'Hermione sailed from France to the United States, retracing the steps of General Lafayette to help celebrate the relationship between France and the United States. In 2018, the Hermione set sail in the Mediterranean Sea, showcasing the powerful connection the French have with Italy, Greece, and Spain, among other nations. 

Today, L'Hermione is available for visitors to explore at different ports throughout France, including Rochefort, her original home, and Anglet, where she went through her latest repairs. By supporting the Association Hermione La Fayette and its initiatives, such as the training of boatswains, visitors can contribute to the maintenance and sailing of the ship as well as promote the values of solidarity, commitment, and passion. 

Virtual visit of L'Hermione

Hermione frigate

If you want to know more about L’Hermione and its history, join us for a meaningful morning dedicated to this emblematic symbol of French maritime history and Franco-American friendship. This fundraising event, featuring expert-led conferences and networking opportunities, aims to support Hermione's crucial reconstruction efforts. You can dive into Hermione's storied past and its impact on French and American history through engaging talks and connect with fellow history enthusiasts, maritime scholars, and philanthropists. All proceeds will go towards Hermione’s repair, ensuring it continues to sail as a living link to our shared history. 

L'Hermione is an exceptional ship that pays tribute to the incredible maritime history and know-how of France while serving as a symbol of the historic relationship between France and the United States. The ship's history and reconstruction are a testament to the human and associative adventure that inspired her construction, and its legacy continues today through the passionate and dedicated work of the Association Hermione La Fayette. 


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