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News In French Music

Searching to inspire yourself with some French music? Currently, in France, several music genres are currently popular. Here are some of them:

news in french music

French Pop: This is a broad term that encompasses a variety of pop music styles sung in French. It has been a popular genre in France for decades and continues to be so today.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM): EDM has been growing in popularity in France over the past few years. French DJs and producers such as David Guetta, Martin Solveig, and Madeon have been making waves in the international EDM scene.

Hip-Hop and Rap: Hip-hop and rap have been popular in France since the 1980s, and the genre continues to be influential today. Many French rappers such as Nekfeu, Damso, and Booba have large followings in France and beyond.

Indie Rock: Indie rock has been gaining popularity in France in recent years, with bands like Phoenix and The Limiñanas achieving international success.

World Music: France has a long history of embracing music from around the world, and this trend continues today. Genres such as African music, Arabic music, and Latin music are particularly popular.

Of course, these are just a few examples of the music genres that are popular in France right now. The French music scene is diverse and constantly evolving, so there is always something new and exciting to discover.

Recommendations for French female artists:

french music

Pomme: a French indie pop and folk singer-songwriter. Her music is characterized by her soft and emotional voice and introspective lyrics. I recommend her album "Les failles" (2020).

Yseult: a French R&B and soul singer. Her music blends contemporary sounds with influences from traditional French music. I recommend her album "Brut" (2021).

Lous and the Yakuza: a Congolese-born singer and rapper who grew up in Belgium. Her music is a blend of R&B, hip-hop, and African music. Her debut album "Gore" (2020) was well received by critics.

Clara Luciani: a French pop and rock singer-songwriter. Her music is characterized by her introspective lyrics and warm voice. I recommend her latest album "Coeur" (2021).

La Femme: a French psychedelic rock and electronic band. Their music is a blend of retro and contemporary influences characterized by their unique and experimental style. I recommend their latest album "Paradigmes" (2021).

I hope you find something you like in these recommendations. Enjoy!

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