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Paris diaries 2 - The Louvre, the art labyrinth

Paris is full of surprises. Even those surprises that you kind of expect, thanks to references like photographs, to comments and videos, once you are there, even if you know what’s coming in the next room, you can’t wait to get there.

Inside the cultural museum that is Paris, you’ll find the Louvre museum. A labyrinth inside a labyrinth.

I set sail for the Louvre without knowing much about the location. Of course, the full perimeter of the museum is about 72.735 sqm, so, placing the location on your map might not cut it if you want to reach for the entrance and it’s your first time.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
Funny thing, what you might think is the entrance at first, is actually the back of the museum. Either way, you can walk through the patios in order to get the iconic pyramid that allows you to enter.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
Entering the museum for the first time feels like an extraterrestrial experience if you like art. You get a feeling of monumentality right away from descending the pyramid and you feel like you have arrived at a big art airport.

At first, I tried to follow the map. This one is pretty straight forward and you will find it easy to move around the museum. But I find that letting yourself go and explore at your own pace can be an amazing experience.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G

The amazing thing about the Louvre is that the museum is a work of art in itself. Actually, different works of art, because each section is different from the other.

L’aile Richelieu, in the level -1, offers natural light that gives the full indoor patio a solemn look.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
Level 0 will take you to Mesopotamia

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
And you might find an old friend of everyone, from Milo.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
L’aile Sully has the Horloge Pavillion, showing parts of the old Louvre Castle. And even another surprise here and there.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
L’aile Denon offers a wide view of Egypt. Both big and small.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
And of course, an imponent victory.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
La Grande Galerie, in the past also known as the Galerie du Bord de l'Eau (Waterside Gallery) is a surprise within the surprise. Make sure to pack comfortable shoes to get the best of this long walk and amazing experience.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
Of course, at some point Napoleon will make his appearance

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
You’ll find motherly love.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
And that other liberty that will always guide us.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G

And of course, at the heart of the Louvre, you will find an enigmatic but very familiar face

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
And if you pay attention, you can even witness new art in the making.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
This entry in no way tries to cover what the actual experience can be. If something aims to be a bit of a tease on the wonderful adventure that can be visiting the Louvre.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G

So, if you are thinking of going to Paris and the Louvre is on your mind, make sure to save at least a couple of days to get the most out of the experience, you won’t regret it. 

Lire la suite: Paris diaries 1.

Writing and photos by Alejandro Ramirez G

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