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The Perfect Itinerary for Swifties: The Eras Tour Edition

Attention Swifties around France and jet-setting fans from around the world, brace yourselves for a series of monumental concerts! Following a two-month hiatus and the release of a new album, Taylor Swift is making her triumphant return to Europe with the most lucrative concert tour in history. The extravaganza begins with four spectacular shows in the heart of the French capital, Paris. From the lineup to showtimes and snagging those coveted last-minute tickets to touring Paris, here's your ultimate guide to Taylor Swift's upcoming performances in Paris.

 What time will Taylor Swift come on stage?

The Eras Tour showcases typically run for an average duration of three hours and 15 minutes, although some performances extend to an impressive three hours and 45 minutes, as Taylor Swift always has a few surprises up her sleeve. Iconic pop-punk band Paramore will open for Taylor Swift on all her European tour dates.

For the U.S. leg of the tour, doors typically opened around 4:30 pm, with the opening act commencing at 7:00 pm, followed by Taylor gracing the stage at approximately 8:00 pm. In the recent Singapore show, Taylor made her entrance at 7:30 pm and delighted the audience with surprise songs at 10:15 pm, wrapping up the show by 10:50 pm. Specific timings for the Paris shows will be announced soon, so stay tuned for updates!

How to Get Tickets to a Sold-Out Show: Exploring Your Options

Getting tickets to a sold-out show can often be a daunting task, but don't lose hope just yet! When it comes to Taylor Swift's concert, there are still avenues you can explore to secure your spot in the crowd.

Previously, strict conditions were in place for Swift's shows, emphasizing that tickets resold or obtained from unauthorized sources would be rendered invalid and could result in denial of entry. This approach aimed to protect fans from scams and ensure a fair distribution of tickets.

However, there is good news for eager fans! As of May 2, Ticketmaster has introduced a fan-to-fan exchange, providing a legitimate platform for fans to buy and sell tickets. This opens up a new opportunity to find tickets for the sold-out show.

Here are a few options you can consider increasing your chances of getting tickets:

Remember, always exercise caution when purchasing tickets from third-party sellers. Make sure to verify their authenticity and legitimacy before making any payment. If possible, opt for verified resale platforms or established ticket marketplaces to minimize any risks.

Getting tickets to a sold-out show can be challenging, but with a bit of tenacity and exploring different options, you still have a chance to experience Taylor Swift's electrifying performance. Don't give up on your dream of attending the show and immerse yourself in the incredible atmosphere created by Taylor and her dedicated fan base.

How to Get to La Défense Arena

Paris La Défense Arena is situated in the outskirts of Paris, specifically in the town of Nanterre, known for its bustling business district. Accessible via the Paris metro (the 1 train stops near the arena) or the RER A train, it's advisable to utilize public transportation when attending the event. From the nearest station, it's approximately a 10-minute walk to reach the arena. For the most direct route from your hotel or Airbnb to the venue, consult Google Maps and https://www.ratp.fr/en.

Be sure to allocate plenty of time for your journey to Paris La Défense Arena for the Eras Tour concerts. Given the expected large crowds, it's essential not to feel rushed before the main event. With approximately 40,000 fellow Swifties converging on the arena each concert night, preparation is key. Plan ahead and arrive early to catch Paramore, the opening act, and to avoid any last-minute rush.

Explore Paris Like A Swiftie: Following in Taylor Swift's Footsteps

Now, let’s crack down on how to explore Paris like a Swiftie, instead of like a tourist.

Using the music video, “Begin Again”, as our guide we start at the renowned Pont des Arts. This iconic spot has been a muse for poets, dreamers, and countless photography directors. However, since the video was filmed in 2012, the famous "love locks" have vanished, as the metal grids they adorned have been removed. On the left, you'll spot the majestic Eiffel Tower, while on the right, the façade of the Louvre museum peeks through the trees.

On the western tip of the Ile de la Cité, you'll find a tree standing tall. Despite enduring some damage from recent Seine River works, this graceful weeping willow serves as a poignant reminder of Paris's original ground level. It's fascinating to note that Paris is constructed approximately 7 meters above this initial ground level. If you glance behind, you'll catch a glimpse of the Pont des Arts, the bridge we just crossed.

Now, along the Seine River, let's stroll down Quai de Conti. As we walk, we'll pass under the Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris. Take a moment to admire the statue of Henry IV and the charming south-facing buildings on the Ile de la Cité. Before turning north, let's continue along the left bank towards the Saint-Germain des Près church. Our next stop is the picturesque Place de Furstenberg, where Taylor Swift was spotted biking in oversized sunglasses and a floral skirt. Art enthusiasts may wish to visit the Musée Delacroix nearby! And to keep the good vibes flowing, why not enjoy a cappuccino at Café La Palette, just like Taylor did when she found her new flame.

As we reach the right bank, there's no more enchanting garden than Palais Royal. It's the perfect spot to pause, sit, and bask in the beauty of our surroundings, perhaps even jotting down what we've cherished amidst the lingering summer blooms. Continuing towards the northern columns, we come upon Velfour, a renowned restaurant favored by none other than Coco Chanel herself, known for its original decor. Leaving the Palais Royal garden behind, we find ourselves on the romantic and picturesque rue de Beaujolais . Don't be discouraged by the sight of old cars resembling delivery trucks—it only adds to the charm of one of the city's loveliest urban vistas.

Just a stone's throw away from here is Maison Kitsuné, perfect for a quick shopping break. Then, as we move forward into the present, we find ourselves at Place des Petits Frères. Here, a stunning Renaissance church awaits, accompanied by the delightful pastry shop Le Moulin de la Vierge. Indulge in dreams of berries and Art Nouveau as you admire the treats on display.

At last, emerging from sorrow, we encounter the magnificent sight of Taylor Swift against the backdrop of Parisian rooftops, with the Opera Garnier looming in the distance. This sensation is reminiscent of the breathtaking views one can experience from the rooftop terraces of Galeries Lafayette or Printemps.

 With a renewed spirit and a deeper connection to the beauty of Paris, it's time to bid adieu to your photo tour, but not before embracing the inspiration and adventure that Taylor Swift's journey has brought. Whether you're a die-hard fan or simply seeking a unique experience in the City of Lights, let your inner Swiftie guide you to a Paris that's off the beaten path. May your Eras tour and discovery of Paris be filled with happiness and unforgettable moments.

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