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Live Morning in a French Museum: Celebrations and Entertainment at Versailles

Date: 07 Dec 2024, 9:00am - 11:00am (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Celebrations and Entertainment at Versailles

Transport Yourself to the Extravagant World of Versailles: A Remote Exploration of Celebrations and Entertainment

Followed by Q & A session led by Véronique Vassout, Cultural Advisor at AF Silicon Valley.

Step back in time to the dazzling era of the Ancien Régime as we invite you on a virtual journey to experience the captivating celebrations and entertainment that once graced the halls of Versailles.

Versailles: A Hub of Extravagance: Versailles, a cultural epicenter during the Ancien Régime, was a spectacle of dazzling festivities that enthralled all of Europe. From lively dances, opulent balls, and spirited gambling to leisurely strolls, uproarious comedies, and enchanting operas and concerts – the court at Versailles offered an unparalleled variety and refinement of pleasures.

The Grand Entertainment of Louis XIV: As a political monarch, King Louis XIV elevated the concept of "grand entertainment" to unparalleled magnificence. His reign saw the court of Versailles become the epicenter of European cultural and social life.

Tradition of Splendor: Following in the footsteps of Louis XIV, his successors maintained the tradition of splendor, adapting it to their own tastes and the ever-evolving trends of fashion. Versailles continued to shine as a beacon of luxury and entertainment, captivating the imaginations of all who graced its hallowed halls.

Remote Exploration: Embark on a virtual journey to the court of Versailles from the comfort of your own space. Through high-definition photographs and insightful explanations from our guide-lecturer, immerse yourself in the main amusements that defined this era of opulence and grandeur.

Event Details:
Date: December 7th, 2024 - Time: Doors open at 8:30am, Visit starts promptly at 9:00am - Location: Art Center, 1313 Newell Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Our Guide: Philippe Maillet

Interested in Art history for a long time, Philippe Maillet started studying at the Sorbonne University where he specialized into Islamic arts. His main source of interest was the mixing cultures and how the architecture could be a crossover between France and North Africa. Then he spent one year at the School of Architecture of Paris-Belleville to learn more about the protection and restoration of the Islamic heritage. After these years dedicated to his specialty, Philippe Maillet decided to return to a more classical perspective joining the prestigious Ecole du Louvre to study musicology and conservation. After a training in Morocco in a public institution Philippe Maillet wanted to explore a private foundation and worked at the Antoine de Galbert Fondation taking part to the setting of the Ann Hamilton temporary exhibition. The dialogue with a contemporary artist and the challenge of promoting modern art motivated Philippe to apply to a new gallery involved into young creation. During eleven years Philippe experienced mediation around contemporary artists and created tools to make their art accessible to a large audience.But after this long experience Philippe Maillet was eager to get back to his passion for ancient periods and artifacts. Thus, he decided to become a lecturer to guide various types of public in museums. Now his mission is to reconnect the society with its heritage and to be a link between the past and the people. Through the agency Point Parole, Philippe Maillet works in main institutions such as the Louvre and Orsay Museums or Versailles Palace.

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