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B1 - Independent 1 with Elodie

$340.00 USD

Product Code: GROUP-Q11024-class-GC-Inter6-Tu18:00-1662 2024

B1 - Independent 14 with Marie-Hélène

$340.00 USD

Product Code: GROUP-Q12024-class-GC-Ind14-M19:15-1634 2024

B1 - Independent 2 with Stephan

$340.00 USD

Product Code: GROUP-Q12024-class-GC-Ind.2-M19:00-1643 2024

B1 - Independent 9 with Marie-Hélène

$340.00 USD

Product Code: GROUP-Q12024-class-GC-Ind8W10:30-1628 2024

B1- Independent 7 with Stephan

$340.00 USD

Product Code: GROUP-Q12024-class-GC-Ind.7-Tu19:00-1645 2024

Out of stock

Pouvoir s'exprimer dans la langue française. Niv. B1/B2 avec Emmanuel

$340.00 USD

Product Code: GROUP-Q12024-class-GC-Conv-W10:00-1655 2024

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