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AF Silicon Valley and La Route des langues Promote Host Families for Cultural Exchange

In a world that is increasingly interconnected, fostering cultural exchange has become more important than ever. The Alliance Francaise Silicon Valley, in collaboration with their partner La Route des langues USA, is actively promoting the opportunity for families to become hosts for French students.

Through this program, families can open their homes and hearts, sharing their culture and lifestyle with teenagers from France. We'll talk a bit on how the Alliance Francaise Silicon Valley and La Route des langues USA are working together to provide a unique and rewarding experience for both the host families and the students.

become a host family

Creating Connections through Homestays

La Route des langues USA offers a host family program where American families can welcome a French student into their homes for a set period of time, the program is designed for students usually aged 12-18, and typically takes place from late June to early August (Although other periods are possible).

By becoming a host family, participants provide their guest with an immersive experience, allowing them to live within an American family setting while also improving their English language skills. This program not only strengthens bonds between nations but also encourages mutual understanding and lifelong friendships.

The Freedom to Choose

One of the highlights of the host family program is the flexibility it offers to potential hosts. Through the Guestbook platform, host families can create profiles showcasing their lifestyle, hobbies, and requirements for hosting. This enables students to apply to families that align with their interests and preferences, ensuring a harmonious match.

The decision to accept a student ultimately rests with the host family, giving them the freedom to select the applicant who best fits their family dynamics. YOU decide WHO and WHEN you will be hosting.

A Partnership Built on Experience

La Route des langues USA, a premium brand of APEX EDUCATION GROUP, boasts 25 years of experience in sending students from France abroad. With a focus on excellence and personalization, they have successfully facilitated language immersion programs for over 1,500 students annually.

This partnership between La Route des langues USA and the Alliance Francaise Silicon Valley brings together expertise and resources to ensure a smooth and enriching experience for both the host families and students.

Cultural Enrichment for Host Families

new host family

Becoming a host family is not just about providing accommodation; it is an opportunity for American families to learn about French culture, traditions, and customs firsthand.

By welcoming a French student into their home, host families can gain a global perspective and expand their own cultural horizons. From sharing meals to engaging in cross-cultural conversations, this intercultural exchange offers a unique chance for personal growth and understanding.

The Impact on Students

For a teenager from France, the chance to immerse themselves in the daily life of an American family is a dream come true. Through the host family program, students can not only improve their English language skills but also gain insights into the American way of life. This experience broadens their worldview and creates lasting memories, ultimately enriching their personal and academic development.


The Alliance Francaise Silicon Valley, in partnership with La Route des langues USA, is actively promoting the opportunity for families to become host families and participate in cross-cultural exchanges. By opening their homes and hearts to French students, host families contribute to a global community that fosters understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures. This program represents a unique opportunity for both the host families and the students to create lifelong connections and gain a deeper understanding of each other's cultures.

How to register?

Rendez-vous on their website and follow the instructions.

We’ll also host an information session soon, so make sure to send us an email if you are interested.

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