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Paris Diaries 3: Autumn in Paris

Autumn in Paris can be a wonderful time. Of course, the cold weather might be difficult to endure, but the months of November and December are not as cold as January, it can give you the perfect opportunity to use your wonderful and classy winter clothes, and you might see some wonderful autumn colors.

Advantages of visiting Paris in Autumn

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
Visiting Paris in autumn has many advantages. First of all, you’ll get to see the city without a big amount of tourists, since they prefer spring mostly.

Remember to bring your winter clothes because the cold weather will be there, especially at the end of November you might experience a rainy Paris.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G

But don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of sunlight also, even though as time passes you might see how days can last fewer hours (You might see a full night at 17:30).

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
The gardens show a new kind of beauty, even if there are no leaves left.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
And blue skies can be there from time to time.

Even at Versailles you will encounter nature at its finest

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
Remember, autumn in Paris can be an amazing opportunity to get to know the city in a tranquil and wonderful way. You will definitely have options to choose from.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez G
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Written by Alejandro Ramírez G

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