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Paris diaries 7 - Nightlife In Paris

Paris is often called the City of Lights, and this is no coincidence, nightlife in Paris can be a whole different experience from what you might find at day, we have gathered a list of things you can do in Paris at night, and we are sharing over with you in case you are planning a trip soon.

Visit the Tour Eiffel at night

eiffel tower at night

Visiting the Eiffel Tower at night is a totally different experience from what you see in daylight. You’ll see a beautiful view with all the Trocadero Palace and the Seine River. Don’t miss the opportunity to view the city in all its splendor full-lighted. Remember that the last hour to go to the tower is 11:45 pm (between 7 May and 17 Jun is 10:45 pm).

Listen to some Jazz at the Quartier Latin

Those who want to take in the chords of the most diverse and passionate jazz have a significant advantage in Paris. Not only because it was one of the locations where Gypsy swing and other innovations were formed alongside the avant-garde of European jazz, but also because this musical genre is still active and developing within its streets.

The well-known Rue des Lombards in Paris, often known as "Jazz Street," is home to a broad range of eateries and bars, including the Sunset/Sunside, Le Duc des Lombards and Le Baiser Salé.

Visit the Montparnasse Tower

tour montparnasse

The Montparnasse Tower stands as one of the biggest buildings in Paris (689 ft). The first office building to be built in the center of Paris (Outside of La Défense district) boasts one of Paris' top viewing decks. Visitors will be able to observe the city's most significant landmarks from its terrace. There are even parties at night at its terrace from time to time. 

Rue de Rivoli

The more than 3-kilometer-long Rivoli Street is located in the heart of Paris. One of the most populated streets in the city, it is a retail haven and is always busy day and night.

The Rue de Rivoli offers you a mix of history, shopping, art, and fun. From here you can visit La Place de La Concorde, the Tuileries garden (L’Orangerie Museum is nearby, as well as its carnival) as you walk the street you’ll see a lot of stores (Zara, Sephora) You can also visit l´Hotel de Ville Bazar (Biggest in Paris), and get to the Louvre museum with it’s small Arc de Triomphe and the Pyramids that glow at night.

Walk through the Champs-Élysées

champs elysees at night

If you take the other direction from La Place de La Concorde, you’ll start going through the Champs-Élysées. 

The Place de la Concorde and the imposing Arc de Triomphe are connected by this ancient axis, which is over 2 kilometers long, Full of shopping stores and restaurants. When you get to the Arc de Triomphe, remember you can visit it until 11 pm, so don’t miss the opportunity to go to the top at night for an amazing view.

Dance at the side of the Seine River

The Jardin Tino Rossi is a gathering spot for Parisian dance enthusiasts and tourists that are in this lovely city. It is located on the left side of the Seine, beyond the Isle of Sant Louis and close to the Pont de Sully.

We can see there four semicircles, each looking like an amphitheater, adjacent to the riverbed, as well as a sizable square track next to the gardens. Many fans of various musical genres congregate on its stages every afternoon, especially during the summer and on days with favorable weather.

Go to the Champs de Mars at night

paris at night

A fantastic idea may also be to go lay down on the field when the day is done and, late at night, after seeing and enjoying Paris, unwind while gazing at the lit Eiffel Tower (Each hour, until 1 am, you’ll see the tower sparking) one of the city's most stunning sites.

Go to the Moulin Rouge

An amazing, enjoyable, and truly a Parisian experience. One small bottle of champagne is provided upon entry to the Moulin Rouge, and a large bottle is provided if there are two of you. This is the location in Paris where the most champagne is drunk nationwide! 

Enjoy Paris at night!

We hope to have sparked some ideas for your walks on the Parisian night, seize the opportunity to know the city from every angle, and we’ll come back with more ideas on how to get the most out of your travel experience, À bientôt!

Written by Alejandro Ramirez G

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